Wedding with Chinese Family and Friends in Jinzhou

It has been a great pleasure celebrating our wedding with our Chinese family and friends in Jinzhou/Liaoning Province. You can find some of the photos from this event here:  

Official wedding photos

Many thanks to Stefan Volk for his great photography at the wedding. You can find all links to our wedding photos on the pictures section of this website.

In front of the altar

The beautiful church ceremony in Nusse. The blessing. The walking into the church.

Ceremony leaflet

Today we will stand in front of this altar in the beautiful church in Nusse. You can download the leaflet for the wedding ceremony here (there will also be a handout in church): WEDDING CEREMONY  


The seats are set! You can download the place-setting for the dinner at Krummesse here. Sitzordnung  

Nachtzug nach Beijing

On our way with the night train to Beijing to pick up Mengs parents to fly to Germany together.